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Global Tech Advocates is the only truly international grassroots tech community, uniting the private sector in multiple cities and regions worldwide. Tech UAE Advocates is the first chapter launched in the Middle East.


Become an Advocate

What is Global Tech Advocates?

Global Tech Advocates (GTA) exists to do three things: 

  1. Connect the world's fastest growing tech cities and regions: ​With networks across the UK, Europe, the Americas and Asia, Global Tech Advocates is an international community with deep insights into local tech ecosystems. GTA unites the private sector in local tech ecosystems to accelerate growth and overcome obstacles to growth. The organisation works with the grassroots community to find solutions to challenges, and influence policy to inspire change.

  2. Support a global, inclusive, community of tech leaders: GTA is open to everyone and spans the full spectrum of the tech sector - from teachers to founders, investors to entrepreneurs. With a model based on network effects, Advocates introduce Advocates. From 70 tech leaders in London in 2013, the group has grown to more than 16,000 advocates in more than 50 countries and territories around the world. 

  3. Give tech a voice worldwide: GTA is a campaigning body for the tech industry, campaigning to address challenges faced by tech companies internationally, and focusing on specific challenges in specific cities and regions that the private sector can overcome. GTA believes that when the private sector speaks with one voice, it can affect significant change, and has a teack record promoting diversity, digital skills, and tech-friendly regulation. 

What is a Tech UAE Advocate?

A Tech UAE Advocate is a member of Tech UAE Advocates and someone who wants to champion and grow the tech ecosystem in the UAE. Advocates are volunteers and give their time for the good of tech. 


To become a Tech UAE Advocate, you must be involved in the tech sector - whether as a teacher / founder / entrepreneur / investor / influencer / mentor / tech co leader/expert/policy maker – or software developer, product manager, etc.

As a Tech UAE Advocate, you'll be supporting us with the following goals:

  1. Support with market access for entrepreneurs in the UAE and UK

  2. Encourage cross-border investment and deal flow 

  3. Facilitate strategic cross-border partnerships

  4. Share best practices and insights for policy and knowhow

  5. Unify the different cities and hubs across the UAE into one

How Can I Join?

Complete our application form here and we'll be in touch. If you've opted in to join our Slack group, you'll be added there and asked to introduce yourself.

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